AquaGenius are plumbing consultants and engineers committed to achieving excellence and promoting environmental awareness.

AquaGenius specialise in quality bespoke heating and plumbing installations tailored to individual project requirements. AquaGenius work closely with architects, developers, self builders and contractors to develop heating and plumbing strategies that add value and assure longevity.

AquaGenius are your 'One Stop Shop' with access to a network of 'green' technology manufacturers & suppliers. We co-ordinate specifications and design integrated plumbing systems to achieve the optimum relationship between products and ultimate performance.

AquaGenius plumbing systems respond to the dynamics of modern living and seek to minimise the waste of non-renewable resources.

AquaGenius are professional, enthusiastic and conscientious and are committed to helping our clients understand & develop concepts and deliver economical solutions that exceed expectations.

AquaGenius are located near Cardiff and currently offer their services throughout Wales and South Western England.

This website is an introduction to AquaGenius and the environmental issues we are able to influence with our work.

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